Sunday, 10 June 2012

Love never loses its way home.

Do you like the title? It's also the Ghanaian translation of the title of my quilt. I have been having a lovely time shuffling pieces of papers around, drawing shapes, choosing colour schemes and designing my masterpiece but on the whole I have decided that ideas may not turn out as you want them to, so it's best to do a little bit at a time and see how patterns work together. My design is more or less decided on so now comes the hard bit - fabric shopping! I know that I have to visit some shops and look at colourways; this will probaly take longer than making the quilt!

Fabric shopping is the hardest part to making a quilt because you have to firstly decide on a colour scheme (choosing colours which work in harmony yet stands out and give your quilt that je ne sais quoi) then go out and buy and try not to get too distracted - that is very, very, very hard.

Day 1 Fabrics Galore - GOOD. I managed to choose the scheme, only got distracted by a vibrant green which I somehow convinced myself (the je ne sais quoi!) that it would work with the others when woven into the colour scheme; but overall did well.
Day 2 Wentworth Street - BAD. Got totally overwhelmed with so many colours, prints and patterns that I blew my budget (who was I fooling that I had one!) and had to visit the cash point for more money! Consequently ended up with much more material than I needed. I will have to sell some as fat quarters on Etsy! Wentworth Street is off Petticoat Lane and has 70% African fabric shops, so you can understand my dilemma.

Well at least I've bought the bulk of the fabric for the quilt, so now the making starts.

Another dilemma I've just realized is the delivery of the quilt to the Greenwich office: because of the Olympics the quilt has to be delivered at least one week earlier than said date to avoid the congestion of the opening ceremony! That leaves me how many weeks to complete? Seven!

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