Monday, 28 May 2012

The process has finally begun!

Yes, that time has come! After receiving comments from another person in the same position  as me (but much further on than me) and the application form, I took the time to go to the library, research some ideas and decide on the main symbol which I am going to use for my centre piece.  It really took a lot of motivation on my part to make an effort to set time aside to accomplish these things. I think what really gave me that final push was everyone asking "Have you started your quilt yet, you know time is getting on!". Yes, I am aware Of both, thank you all.

I can also say that the greatest motivator was completing the category form (rather the closing date): it wanted to know the size of the finished quilt, your inspirations, the techniques which will be used, how the quilt is going to travel and lastly, the name of your creation! All that really exhausted my skills, especially when I filled it in on the day before the closing! What other motivation could I possibly need!

I guess that you are all gasping to know what I have finally decided to do? Well, During my research, I saw the idea of putting words in relief on the quilt, which led me somehow to Celtic quilting (if you can see the connection, good for you!), which then got me interested in Celtic love knots. I think I love language in symbols and Adinkra and Celtic symbols carry spiritual and religious significance. So, my ideas are mainly around the idea of Adinkra symbol associated with love, Celtic love knots, words in relief and as part of a patchwork block, Kente cloth, courthouse step and woven patchwork! What a combination!  I bet you can't wait to see the finished result!  Should I say have your sunglasses at the ready?

Soon, I will start the actual sewing of the blocks. At the moment I am playing around with different combinations of pattern. I know that I want an earthy colour scheme: browns, golds, greens and one colour which is  striking and uplifting. The fabrics which I want to use are cotton and satin. I know that once I start sewing there will be no stopping me - I will be playing 'Ain't no stopping us now, we're on the move.' and I'll be in my groove!

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