Thursday, 21 June 2012

The words of wisdom.

The nearly completed central panel
WHAT! you say to yourself because you are really amazed and impressed that it was just yesterday that I posted the last blog and here I am today posting a new one of the fully completed central panel!  I must have worked all night to get it to this stage, you think to yourself!  Well, I must say that I did put in some hefty hours and you sewers know how it is; once you are way into a project, you only stop for desperate (really desperate, I mean walking disjointedly to the loo) toilet breaks and when it seems like your stomach has been disconnected from your mouth!

It is really satisfying to have completed the central image.  Sewing around the letters was a bit fiddley but I managed to achieve it all (then realize that I was missing a v) and have now assembled it all together.  I just have to decide how to attach it as I want a bit of movement in them; I don't want them to look too static.  Deciding on fabrics to use around the central image was hard as I had a lot to choose from (remember my fabric shopping spree!) but I managed.  Now I am going to concentrate on making the various patchwork blocks as all the hard work has been done.  Actually, maybe it hasn't, as I've got to decide which colours and prints to use - curse my fabric shopping tendency!  Do people like me call themselves Fabroholics!!  Do I need to go to Fabroholics Anonymous!!

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