Monday, 10 September 2012

The Quilting Show

Travelling to the quilt show was full of anticipation for me as I wanted to see the winning quilt in my category more than anything else.  The show itself is fantastic and truly innovative: you get to see  so many creatives' work and become truly inspired.  The workmanship of some of the pieces are excellent and I know that something like that would take me years to acquire - hence that is why we get the winners because they are at the top of their game!

My Quilt

The winner of my category

My favourite - the winner of the Pictorial Category

 You do need a whole day to see and appreciate all the exhibits.  Everyones' work is shown - no matter what their level.  My pictures don't do justice to some of the quilts - you really need to be there to appreciate them.

Other winners

 Some of my favourites


I hope my blog inspires you to either enter the competition or visit the festival.

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