Thursday, 19 July 2012

The Ingenious of the Creative Mind

Only 12 days to go and there still seems a lot to be done on the quilt!  Do you ever get the feeling that the more you do, the more there is to do?  I am working on the outside perimeter and have produced the patches for the top and bottom of the quilt but not for the sides as I want to incorporate the Adinkra symbol again and work on more styles of the Celtic Knots.  It is like at the last stage you get really creative but haven't got the time to explore that creativity - maybe I could have started earlier - maybe, but everyone knows that there is nothing like a bit of adrenaline and desperation to get excellent work out of people (especially me - I work extremely well under pressure!).

This morning I used my home-made light box (my window) to transfer the Celtic knot pattern onto the cloth and now I have to combine it with some muslin (a fine open-weave fabric) and hand stitch the channels of the patches.
My light box!
When an artistic and creative streak is part of your make-up, your imagination can compensate for anything which is lacking!  You are resourceful, can come up with new ideas from the remotest of possibilities and can think 'outside the box' which is always a great plus.  you will find that people also gravitate towards you for various reasons, mainly because you are self-sufficient and possess qualities which they aspire to; they always want you to do something for them but because you are adroit; you rarely reciprocate. I have come to the grand conclusion that creative minds are the pillars of society!
completed Celtic Knot

I plan to have the top layer complete before Friday so than I can start the quilt sandwich (top layer, wadding and bottom layer and not to be eaten!) and do the actual quilting at the weekend as I now have more free time available to me.

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  1. Yes I agree Creative Minds are Pillars of Society. Good observation.